About Us

Wade Ceramics has been producing high quality ceramic products since it was established in 1810 in the heart of the Potteries. Today it is a World Leader in the manufacture of ceramic decanters, kitchenware, promotional, industrial, hotelware and household markets.

Well known in households across the UK, Wade first produced porcelain goods such as creel steps and shuttle eyes to the fast expanding textile industry in the North West and Lancashire.

Following its success the company went on to produce gaslights and gas fire burners and later still, insulators for early electrical companies before moving into the production of teapots and tiles. It was only a great deal later, after the First and Second World Wars, that Wade began to produce items for giftware, collectable and promotions markets.

Product innovation, quality of manufacture, branding and excellent customer service is of paramount importance to Wade.

Winner 2008 Design Excellence Award. Dignity by Wade is a new range of tableware specifically designed for people suffering from Dementia and Alzheimers disease and anyone who finds it difficult to manage ordinary crockery. Based on research that bright green and yellow allow people to see what they are eating, the whole range is available in white, green and yellow.

During its history the company was managed and directed by a number of different family members. In 1999, following a management buyout by E Duke and P W Farmer, the firm became independently owned.